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Stan Hayes



On-site Voice Classes

The reason we sing is because we enjoy it and its fun.  But how fun can it be when we can't hit the high notes or sing it off pitch. 

Those who have had solo training sometimes struggle because they stick out and are told to hold back.  Choral singing involves knowing your voice, listening to others and blending while doing our parts.

There are so many things to do to make the voice stronger, more agile, accurate so that there is more fulfillment from singing. This is why training the voice is crucial to ministry for a choral singer.

We have found that teaching simple and easy to understand techniques while having fun in a group setting provides the optimal learning experience.  The group dynamic provides the opportunity for class members to see other people learning and demonstrating without them having to be on the "hot seat" all of the time.

Classes are designed to be fully interactive, allowing individuals to apply what they are learning when each technique is taught.  This way they can see that the techniques work.

An average private voice lesson ranges from $45 to $60 for a 45 to 50 minute lesson. We will come to your site for two 2 hour and 15 minute sessions, two consecutive nights, with a minimum of 40 participants for $49 per person .  That is 4 and 1/2 hours of training for only $10.88 per hour. 

The church or organization only covers travel and expenses for housing and food while at your site.

Not enough participants to reach 40?  Invite congregation members (recruitment) and other music directors and their choirs.

Please Contact Us with any questions you may have.