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On-site Voice Classes

Choose from several teaching formats:

  • Voice Classes - On site (2+ hours for 2 consecutive evenings)

  • Vocal Technique Sessions for Full Choir

  • Vocal Techniques for Worship Leaders and Praise Teams

  • National Choral Festival Cruise Co-hosted by Sing Well Ministries & Derric and Debbie Johnson

Why Sing Well?

Sing Well Ministries teaches vocal techniques specific to choral group singing—techniques different from those used by soloists.

The sad fact is, without proper training, the typical choral singer today not only fails to grow their voice, but can actually do it harm. Our choral singing techniques are designed to provide a fun and easy way to address this situation by improving the individual singer’s confidence and helping to equip them with a sound foundation upon which to grow their voice as they rehearse and sing.  The techniques are fun,  practical, easy to understand, and are presented in a personalized and spiritually encouraging atmosphere


Sing Well can help you to improve the over all sound of your choir by equipping each choir member with the basics of good choral voice technique. As each singer gains confidence and their voice strengthens, the over all sound of your choir will improve. You’ll also find you are able to sing more challenging music, new soloists will begin to surface, and you’ll experience a rise in  the quality and impact of the musical worship experience. You’ll likely experience a boost to your recruiting efforts as others begin to hear the difference and seek to become a part of a dynamic choral group!



National Choral Festival Cruise

July 2013


Have fun while giving your choir a musical boost!

Join Sing Well Ministries on an Alaskan Cruise and learn how to improve your choral performances.

This fabulous cruise will feature all the amenities associated with a luxury cruise, along with professional voice coaching and choral direction.


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